Lockdown is here and you are wondering what you can do to make life fun. Don’t worry; we’re here to give you a bunch of ideas:

Karaoke Night

Do you love karaoke night? While you may not be able to attend one physically, you can still have loads of fun at home. Look out for apps that let you turn your phone into a mic and you can sing along to your favourite hits. If your family members love karaoke, then have them join in and create some musical memories.

Cook something new

In this lockdown, nothing comes in handy like good food. We all miss restaurant food. Why not surprise your family with a new delicacy. You can find a lot of delicious recipes online.

Participate in a fitness challenge

Missing your gym sessions? There are plenty of fitness challenges you can participate in, and emerge from this lockdown more fit and stronger. Joining an online fitness challenge will not only help you stay in shape but there’s just something about challenges that gets adrenaline going. Many fitness trainers have taken their gyms online, so all you need to do is stream live and get moving!

Learn a new skill

There are many courses that are available online so even when you’re on a tight budget you can still take part.  Learning a new skill will give you a competitive edge when the world finally opens up again. You could either improve your existing skills or learn new ones altogether. Personal development is always a plus.

Declutter and donate

Have you always wanted to declutter your house, but time was not on your side? Now that you have the time, declutter and store everything you don’t need in the garage or an extra room if you have one. When lockdown is finally over, you can donate it. This will help decongest and leave more space in your home.

Tune in to virtual parties

More and more people are tuning in to virtual parties. You can have a house party and Zoom with your friends. Unload and have fun with friends over a glass of wine. You can organize quizzes and invite your friends. It’s all happening online!

Participate in Online Challenges by corporations

Many corporations are offering challenges to do activities with items found within the home. Companies like Lego have a challenge they are calling it #letsbuildtogether, other companies are doing baking challenges. Look for challenges by corporations –  participate and have fun!

Try that DIY

You now have time to tackle that DIY you have been eyeing online. You can try painting part of your house, making some handicrafts, upholstering, the list is endless.

Improve your beauty routine

Practice and more practice makes perfect. Perfect that beauty routine that you might be struggling with. When you finally come for Winnipeg sugaring, our hair removal services will make your skin glow even more. As you probably already know, to have radiant skin, you need to pick a suitable skin care routine and then be consistent with it.

Have fun with TikTok

Everyone is on TikTok, I hope you are, too. Check out the dance routines in the app and enjoy yourself.


As we go through the lockdown season, invent and come up with ways to enjoy yourself and kick out the anxiety that comes with uncertainty.