Are you the person you’ve always wanted to be? Or are there things about your life you want to change?

Rather than accepting life as it comes to you, you can make decisions to change your fate. You can take a proactive approach to each day instead of a passive one. That’s what self-empowerment is about.

Self-empowerment is the act of taking your life into your own hands. It’s the realization that you have the power to make lasting changes, whether that’s to your career, habits, and/or thought patterns. 

In other words, it’s believing that you have the power to change your destiny. 

Self-empowerment is built on three core fundamentals:


Living With Awareness, Consciousness, and Intention

It’s easy to go through life without awareness. You get so caught up in your routine that you start to lose sight of your bigger goals.

But the first step in personal development is being conscious of where you are now.

What does that awareness look like? It may involve…

  • Being mindful of the habits you wish to change. 
  • Noticing your thoughts, rather than automatically accepting them as true. 
  • Making choices consciously by assessing the pros and cons of your decisions.

To strive toward what you want in life, you need to be aware of what you’re currently doing. And that starts with living consciously. 


Grow Your Knowledge

You’re more aware of your habits and how you spend your time. 

But before you can progress toward your goals, you must learn how to do that. 

You can learn from your mistakes. Look back at a time when you didn’t get what you were hoping for—why did that happen? What can you do differently next time? 

You can learn from a mentor. If you know someone in a position you’d like to be in, see if you can have a conversation with them. How did they get there? What can you utilize from their experiences?

As well, you can learn to adopt a growth mindset. This means that instead of seeing your skills as fixed or inherent, you view yourself as someone who can develop and improve your talents over time. 


Embrace Change

The last fundamental? It’s the personal growth you’ve been working up to. 

Here’s the part where you use what you’ve noticed and what you’ve learned to make a change. Below, we’ve listed a few ways you can apply self-empowerment to your daily life:


Say what you mean

Speaking up for yourself can be uncomfortable. It’s easier to stay quiet. But being assertive is part of empowering yourself. When a comment makes you uncomfortable, address it head-on. When your needs aren’t being met, let people know. And when you have an idea, don’t be afraid to share it.


Take charge

It’s been said that “good things come to those who wait”.

In this context, we’re going to do the opposite. Self-empowerment is about taking hold of your life to achieve your goals. 

Don’t wait for opportunities to fall into your lap—seek them out. Call that hiring manager. Sign up for that open mic event. Submit your art to that contest. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back. 


From our team at, we hope this blog assists you in moving closer to self-empowerment. Doing so can help you greatly improve your life.