WINNIPEG, Canada – Bare Body Sugaring owner and founder, Clarissa Cruz, is proud to announce that her company was recently featured by the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce in their popular Reimagine series. 

The in-depth and comprehensive article features Clarissa talking about one of the most challenging years of her life – 2020. A year of total contrast where her company was on course to have its best-ever year until COVID-19 struck. In raw detail, Clarissa talks openly about the impact the pandemic had on her business, and on her emotionally as a person. 

However, the story is not all doom and gloom; it focuses on how and what Clarissa did to grab victory from the jaws of defeat and turn her company around against all the odds.

“2020 was a horrible year, in so many ways, and a complete roller coaster for Bare Body Sugaring,” said Clarissa Cruz, owner and founder. “However, I am very much a glass half-full type of person, and I am glad to say that I was able to turn adversity into success and learn a lot about myself and my business. Although I would obviously not want to repeat 2020, It has undoubtedly transformed my business and opened new avenues that I may never have thought of or considered had the pandemic not occurred. I am confident that the company will start to grow and flourish at a greater pace and was proud to be featured by the Chamber of Commerce. I hope that my story inspires others not to give up and to keep innovating no matter what.” 

Bare Body Sugaring is a locally owned and operated company based in Winnipeg, Canada. The company offers hair removal services for both men and women, using an innovative process that is less painful and more effective than shaving. As part of its expansion process, the company is also offering a franchise opportunity. For more information about the company, the services it provides, and/or the franchise opportunity, visit their website at