Are you feeling unusually cynical lately? Do you find yourself lacking the motivation to do things you normally enjoy? It could be due to burnout, which is a condition that results from an unsustainable workload or a lack of control in your life.


What is Burnout?

Burnout is a state of mental fatigue. It’s linked to stressful conditions in one’s life, especially in the workplace.

Oftentimes, burnout causes feelings of disinterest and apathy. We may feel detached and unmotivated when doing something that we were formerly passionate about. What used to make us jump out of bed in the morning now causes us to drag our feet. It’s a sign that we’re burning the candle on both ends, and we need to slow down.


Signs of Burnout

If you’re aware of the symptoms of burnout, you can catch it before it gets worse. Pay attention to these signs:

  • You feel a sense of dread whenever you go to work.
  • You have low energy, even if you’ve slept well.
  • You find yourself getting irritated by small things that didn’t bother you before.
  • You’re emotionally distant.
  • You’re dealing with headaches and other pains.

Do you experience any of the above? It might be time to step up your self-care routine to combat the effects of burnout.


How to Prevent it

Burnout can interfere with your daily life. Over time, stress takes a toll on our bodies. Being aware of burnout is one thing—the next step is taking proactive measures to prevent it.


Track your thoughts in a journal

From day to day, it can be difficult to recall all of our experiences. But by chronicling your thoughts in a journal, you can find out when you’re falling off the wagon. If you notice that your entries are taking on a different tone, it may be time to intervene.


Take time off

If you notice the warning signs of burnout, it might be time to take action before it gets worse. You deserve some time to yourself. 

Give yourself a mini-vacation and unplug from the world. Leave your responsibilities behind and spend some time with your loved ones or by yourself. Taking a break can be effective at managing your stress levels. It could be the reset that you need to get back on track.


Find purpose in your work

Not all jobs are as fulfilling as we may desire. It might be tempting to pack your things and look for work elsewhere, but the reality is that not everyone is in a financial position to do that. Instead, you can try:

  • Looking at your work in a new way to find meaning in it
  • Talking to your boss or supervisor about adjusting your role in the business
  • Doing meaningful work outside of your job, like giving back to the community or starting a creative project


Don’t be afraid to say “no”

If we take on too many projects at once, we risk spreading ourselves too thinly. We may be left with little (if any) time for ourselves. When we neglect our own needs, we run a higher risk of experiencing burnout.

Consider saying “no” sometimes, even if you have to turn down a project that you’re passionate about. Taking on too much will only cause you to feel more burned out. It won’t be worth the stress and fatigue of overworking yourself.


At Bare Body Sugaring on Henderson, we know how draining burnout can be. We encourage everyone to practice self-care, which can restore feelings of purpose and motivation during stressful times.