At times, it might feel like our habits are automatic. We follow our routines without a second thought. You only realize how ingrained your habits are when you try to build new ones.

But here’s something beautiful about the human brain: we can change it. Our habits aren’t set in stone. 

If you want to make healthy changes in your life, it starts with the decisions you make each day. Even if it seems overwhelming at first, remember: you can take it one day at a time.

We’re going to share a few tips that can help make your new habits stick:


Start Small

Taking small steps makes it easier to adjust to big changes.

Maybe you have a goal of getting more sleep each night. You don’t have to change your entire bedtime routine in one night. Instead, start by going to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual. After doing this for a few days, go to bed 30 minutes earlier. You’ll start feeling more refreshed and well-slept each morning you wake up.


Make A Plan

Ramping up your skincare routine, being kinder to yourself, and taking care of your health—these things all sound wonderful on paper. But how will you incorporate them into your daily life?

Creating a plan of action is a great way to help you stick to healthy habits. For example, you might desire to spend less time on social media. To do that, you can write down how you plan to adjust your routine each day to reflect your new goals. You might decide to cut out 10 minutes of screen time a day, and slowly increase the number until you’re happy with it.


Seek Support

Regardless of what habits you’re trying to build, it helps to have the love and support of those around you.

You might find it helpful to make changes with someone you’re close with. By embarking on the process together, you and your friend can encourage each other along the way. It helps to be motivated by someone else when you’re feeling discouraged.


Create Reminders

During any given day, it seems that our heads are swimming with thoughts and ideas. If you have a busy mind, it’s easy to lose track of the habits you want to build. What can you do to remind yourself?

One way to do this is to stack a new habit on top of an existing one. Are you trying to increase your water intake? Leave an empty glass beside your toothbrush. Each time you brush your teeth, you’ll be reminded to drink a glass of water. 

When you practice two habits at the same time, it’s easier to implement a new one into your routine.


Practice Patience & Forgiveness

There’s no shame in struggling to build healthier habits. It can be challenging, especially when other aspects of your life are causing you stress. 

We’re only human, and change is difficult. If you have a day or two where you fall back into old habits, try to forgive yourself. 


New habits might be difficult to build, but they’re easier to hold on to. Once you set up the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, you might find that it’s easier to stick with than you had imagined. You’ll never know until you try it. 

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