WINNIPEG, MB:  Bare Body Sugaring, an award-winning hair removal shop with three Winnipeg locations, welcomes clients even when they need to bring their children along with them to appointments.  Creating a safe, inclusive, and accessible environment is vital to Bare Body Sugaring’s vision; it’s well aware that many of its clients are parents with children.  


With locations on Academy Road, Barberry Road, and Henderson Highway, Bare Body Sugaring is a niche business entirely dedicated to sugaringan ancient form of hair removal that utilizes a natural paste made of sugar, lemon juice, and water.  Gentler and quicker than waxing, sugaring takes off every hair possible, and the technique can be applied to any part of the body.  It also happens to be vegan and organic.  While many salons offer sugaring as one of many services, Bare Body Sugaring foregrounds sugaring as its one and only expertise.  The company maintains a 4.8 out of 5-star rating based on more than 300 Google reviews.  


Clairissa Cruz, the founder and CEO of Bare Body Sugaring, is a Filipina and Indigenous woman who began sugaring clients out of her home in 2008.  Since then, and despite many challenges, she has grown her company into an established brand with over thirty staff members and a distribution network that spans across Canada.  For Clairissa, Bare is much more than just a body-sugaring business.  “We’ve created a movement that breaks social barriers,” she says.  “We teach people that they already come in beautiful and that every body and every person is welcomed.”  


This attitude extends to clients of every background, ethnicity, gender, and orientation.  It also includes parents with young children.  “We understand that sometimes sitters fall through, that clients may be unable to find childcare, or that they might just need to bring their little ones,” says Cruz.  “Being child and parent friendly is just part of who we are.”


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