Tips for Decluttering Your Mind

Your life moves at light speed. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it could be due to mental clutter. 

It’s not that different from how your phone or computer works. When you’re running low on storage space, everything starts to slow down. Simple tasks become harder. And trying to learn new information becomes more challenging.

You need to free up space! But your mind isn’t like a filing cabinet that you can empty and dust out. Everything in it is stored inside your head. 

We’re sharing practical tips that you can implement into your life to get rid of clutter. It’s like spring cleaning, but for your brain. Let’s get into it:


Why Does Your Mind Feel Cluttered?

First of all, it’s worth asking why you feel the way you do. 

  • Are you going through a busy period at work or in school?
  • Do you have very limited free time but a lot you need to get done?
  • Is there an interpersonal problem that’s bothering you—an issue with a friend, family member, partner, or maybe yourself?

Maybe it isn’t anything in particular; you’ve just had the candle burning at both ends for too long. Take a moment to pause and reflect on what’s causing your mental clutter. 



Taking a nap doesn’t mean that you’re lazy.

It means that you’re listening to your body. When you’re tired, it’s because you need rest. 

If you have a lot to do, making time for a nap can feel like a setback. Challenge that thought. Accept that your body has needs, and sometimes, you need extra rest.

Once you let yourself catch up on your sleep debt, you’ll wake up with more space in your mind for other things. 


Limit Your Social Media Use

As infinitely useful as our phones are, they aren’t the biggest help for your mental clutter. Your phone is constantly bombarding you with information, from text messages to social media posts.

Mental clarity is found in those moments between everything else—those lapses of silence when you’re driving to work, walking to the store, or enjoying a meal. Carve out space for those moments. Leave your phone in the other room, and sit with yourself for a few quiet minutes. 


Get Out Your Thoughts

Are you bottling up your thoughts? Do you feel like your mind is bursting with ideas, concerns, or emotions? If you want to declutter, you need a way to release them. Jot them down on paper or call a close friend.


Set Aside Time To Worry

If something is bothering you, it may cling to your mind throughout the day. Don’t let it follow you around and cloud every decision you make.

Instead, set aside time to figure out the issue; this can help you manage anxiety. Then, instead of letting it simmer in the back of your mind all day, you’ll have space to sort out your thoughts. During this time, you can give yourself permission to worry. 

When the worry comes up, remind yourself that it’s not a problem you need to solve right now.


Get Rid of Physical Clutter

Look around you. What do you see?

It’s hard to keep your mind clear when you’re in a busy environment. One way to declutter your mind? Declutter your immediate environment, too. 

Make your desk or bedroom a reflection of the mental space you want to maintain; a place that’s clean and organized, not full of chores to do.


Do you feel that?

The lightness in your mind; the calm that settles over you once you make space for yourself?

Once you toss out the clutter that’s taking up space in your brain, you’ll enjoy a lot more mental clarity. 

At Bare Body Sugaring in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we encourage you to try these tips and make more space in your mind.