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We often hear people throwing around the term self-care. It has a nice ring to it, but what does it really mean? And how can you practice it?

Self-care is the act (or multiple acts) of engaging in intentional habits, practices, and activities that help you nurture your well-being. That’s it. Not much mystery. But creating a self-care routine isn’t always as simple as it sounds—especially in the whirlwind of life’s pressures, responsibilities, and (yes, let’s admit it) downright chaos.

From momentary injections of joy to the attainment of long-term life goals, there are many different forms of self-care for body, mind, and spirit. Slowing down and taking the time to realign and listen to the voice inside, to smile, recalibrate, and treat yourself with kindness; that’s what’s at the core of true self-care, and this post can be a starting point.

Find What Brings You Joy

Self-care won’t look the same for everyone, so don’t fall into the trap of trying to emulate specific self-care practices just because they’re trendy or popular. It’s no one’s business except yours what delights and refreshes you, so dig deep and brainstorm some practices, both small and large, that bring you joy.

Cuddles with your cat (or pet tarantula, for that matter), walks in nature, journalling, meditation, taking photos, organizing something, cooking a recipe that nourishes your soul, reading an inspiring article, taking a bath, or simply staring at the sky are good examples.

It’s easy to think about all the things you have to do, but what are the things you wish you had more time for? Build on those!

Create Realistic Self-Care Goals

You may absolutely love climbing mountains, but that’s probably not a self-care goal you can attain on a daily basis. So, be realistic. Think about the momentary joys you can grasp, the major goals you want to work up to, and the amount of time you actually have to allocate to your self-care routine. Try committing to a small amount of time per day or week to start.

Keep It Simple

Not much else needs to be said. If your self-care practice is overly complex, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to sustain it.

Bid Farewell to Guilt & Judgement

Often, we tend to feel guilty about dedicating time to our mental and physical health—or, worse yet, we judge ourselves for not sticking to our self-care plan well enough (sound familiar?). Self-care is meant to inject a dose of joy into your daily life and help you manage stress, so embrace it with abandon and trust that you and your self-care activities are enough.

Body Sugaring in Winnipeg

A solid self-care routine involves elements focused on mental health, emotional health, and physical wellness. An appointment at Bare Body Sugaring can encompass all three. Winnipeg body sugaring can become an integral element of your self-care journey, so book your next appointment today!